Holiday House Guests

The Holiday Season is upon us.  Christmas carols, festive décor, visiting family, holiday parties and …house guests.  It’s the perfect time to review guest and host etiquette, should your plans include overnight visits. Guest Etiquette Arrive on time.  Arrange to have clear arrival and departure times and dates and stick to it. Come bearing gifts […]

Getting Started in the Garage!

The garage tends to gather items throughout the year.   Items accumulate, until there is no longer room for vehicle’s to be housed.  As Canadians, we know what its like to wake up to a snow-covered car…groan. Frosty mornings scraping ice from your car windows…phooey. Car doors frozen shut at THE most inconvenient time. Frequently used, […]

Saving Time in the Kitchen!

Autumn can be an overwhelming time and it can leave you feeling drained.  It’s never easy to juggle a jam packed extra-curricular schedule, homework help, making lunches and the stress putting a healthy dinner on the table at a reasonable hour.  It’s a challenge, no doubt, but we can try.  Here’s some simple tactics to […]

Back to School ~ Ask Wendy!

Summer is zipping by! Time to get your household ready for September and back to school. Why not involve your children a little more in the process this year?  It’s good to encourage independence and including your kids will help them to be more prepared and accountable. Here are a few ideas to help you […]

Cottage and RV Organization!

Sweet Summer. Time to enjoy the vacation time you’ve worked so hard for. It’s great to get away from the city, daily routines and chores. Long summer days and warm weather inspire gatherings with family and friends. If you are lucky enough to have some holiday time at the cottage or RV, here’s a few tips and […]

Do you have too much stuff?

Many clients come to us searching for ways to transform their cluttered lives. They have become overwhelmed by possessions and are seeking strategies to simplify their life. If your possessions are draining you or adding stress to your everyday, it’s time to access your systems and belongings.  Once you are ready to make some changes, here […]

Summer Living!

What’s better than some summer weather? A Summer Long Weekend!   We’ve been waiting for this all winter so let’s be ready because it will be here before you know it! A casual Sunday afternoon or evening party followed by a Monday morning off.  Make some plans! It’s finally Summer. Friends, family, music and food. […]

The Immaculate OPEN HOUSE!

Planning a move can be a demanding time. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s a beacon, a goal and it IS achievable, although it does not happen overnight. It’s a process & it requires A LOT of preparation. You got this. Establish your team to achieve success … Consider a realtor agent home stager professional […]

It’s Tax Time!

Getting ready for tax season It’s that time of year. Time to put together your personal tax paperwork. Are all your receipts in a grocery bag or shoe box? That’s ok, it happens to the best of us.  Now is the time to organize and transfer all the necessary items into a nice, neat package […]

Finish what you start and get your people to take part!

This week I found myself reading an article written by Erin Rooney Doland, an expert on organizing and being uncluttered.  For over 10 years she wrote online articles covering everything organizing and found these 9 things to be tried and true, no matter what your current ‘organized’ state is.  I completely agree with each and […]