Back to School Time!!

It’s almost Labour Day! How did that happen?

I know, I know… There’s still lots of the Summer season to enjoy. I don’t want to rush it either, but September and back to school is here. That means it’s time to prepare your students for a fresh start to the school year.

School Supplies

Always shop at home first! Take the time to go through items you already have instead of just going out and buying more.  Revisit with your kids to figure out what they need for school.

You likely have several items that can be reused…scissors, calculators. It’s likely you have a USB memory stick, most households do! Just unload any info and it can be reused too.

Reuse & Repurpose

Have a good look at last years backpacks and lunch boxes, they are sturdier than you think and shouldn’t need to be purchased new each year. If the zippers, clips and straps are in good working order, it may just need a good wash and air dry.

Kids may have an idea of what they want as a pencil case, ask them.  Some kids may want to create a pencil bag as an art project. Pencil cases or pencil boxes could easily be a decorated box, a simple sewing project or even that never used free makeup bag. Take a look around at home – there may be an item you already have that would be perfect for corralling pencils and markers.


Crayola has launched a program in collaboration with North American schools called Colorcycle to recycle markers, any markers including dry erase markers and highlighters. Crayola sends them to a conversion facility where they are repurposed and kept out of landfills. Contact your local school and if they are already participating, you can drop off your used markers there.  As you go through last years markers put those used up markers aside to donate. If your local school is not participating, encourage learn more information and find instructions on this eco-friendly initiative here…


Clothes and Uniforms

September is a good time to purge clothes that are stained, torn or don’t fit and can be pass on. It’s good to be mindful of Summer items that won’t fit your kids for next year and this is a great opportunity to free up the valuable closet/dresser real estate. As the weather transitions to cooler temperatures you may wish to change your kids wardrobes to current seasonal clothing items and you will be ahead of the game.

Some schools have a Used school uniform program, look online or ask other parents in the know of a uniform swap.

Get Your Zzzz’s

Sweet Summer nights are often late. Bedtimes go by the wayside, to make way for Summer memories.

It’s a time to pare back those late weekdays and find a decent sleep routine again.  A good night’s sleep has its health benefits, for the kids and you too.  You will both benefit from the feeling of being well rested, so make it a top priority.

Good Luck & Have Fun! We wish you all a fun, successful school year.

One Last Thing

September is the PERFECT time to declutter the spaces the kiddos have taken over this Summer. Let us help you to alleviate the Back to School stress and find strategies to reclaim your home.


Read what our client Jeff had to say about Neat Spaces services….

“WOW! What can I say, I am absolutely thrilled with the final outcome of the basement, it has brought tears to my eyes as the basement has been a huge sore spot with me for many years!  I always hated going down there to get something…. Please thank all those involved with this project, it’s so greatly appreciated! Thank you once again for “clearing up my life”.

Jeff, Milton

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