How to Make End of Life Plans: A Checklist for Families

How to Make End of Life Plans: A Checklist for Families

Picture this: a family huddled around the bed of a dying loved one in the hospital emergency room, ICU or hospice, trying to parse out what their parent wanted. “What do we do if they didn’t sign a medical power of attorney?” “How do they want to be buried?” “What do we do with mom […]

Building Trust while Helping Seniors Downsize

When downsizing, getting started is often the hardest part.  When we look around at our homes, we are often filled with overwhelm at the volume of items that need to be downsized, donated, gifted, or boxed up to come with us to our next move.  With seniors, it can be even more overwhelming as the […]

Smooth Moves with NEAT SPACES.

  Congratulations on your new home! Are you ready to take on the move? Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to move homes. SO much to do during this exciting time and where to start? Of course, there is a long list of jobs and strategies for packing, purging, organizing, transporting and re distributing. The […]

The Immaculate OPEN HOUSE!

Planning a move can be a demanding time. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s a beacon, a goal and it IS achievable, although it does not happen overnight. It’s a process & it requires A LOT of preparation. You got this. Establish your team to achieve success … Consider a realtor agent home stager professional […]