Look Forward to Change

The leaves are changing. New routines are being established.

There is something indescribable about this time of year that makes us look forward to change.

Autumn brings cooler temperatures, colourful leaves, the harvest, Fall Fairs and markets, apple picking, hearty meals, warm drinks and pie! It really is such a wonderful time of year. 

It’s a time of transition.

While there is so much to enjoy, Fall is also a time of preparation for the long, cold months of Winter.

Good maintenance and habits will make your life easier in the coming months.


The seasonal change demands a necessary wardrobe switch.

Rotate and edit your wardrobe. Autumn’s arrival means jackets, sweaters and boots.

Scarves…we’ve missed you. Perfect for the swing in temperatures. Layers are your friend. 

With cooler nights and mornings, Fall’s unpredictable weather can make it tricky to know what to wear at this time of year. 

Be prepared.

Planning makes erratic weather easier to manage, so watch the weather as part of your morning routine. Find your pocket umbrella to store in a handy place. 

Does your best overcoat need a dry cleaning?

Shoes and boots could use a polish or weatherproofing. Don’t get caught without the essentials.

Clean up your good pair of walking shoes or hiking boots ~ Fall hikes are the best way to take in the amazing displays of changing leaves. Get outside.

Find and clean your heavier outerwear, coats, mitts, gloves, hats before the first wintry blast.


There are plenty of jobs to do in the Fall with landscaping maintenance, so be sure to prioritize jobs that are easiest in more temperate weather.

Gutters, windows cleaning and caulking. Tasks like putting away patio furniture and garden hoses are much more bearable with nice weather. Get it done early.

A tool-shed or garage clean up is time well spent with valuable results. 

Life is so much easier when you can find items effortlessly. Take Inventory to avoid duplicate purchases. That time you didn’t realize you already had lawn fertilizer…and bought it again…been there.

A good de-clutter and storage organization has a way of relieving stress. Proper storage solutions are a powerful advantage, prevents damages and maximizes your access. Home improvements are more easily accomplished with the right tools at hand.

Clear out the garage to reclaim the parking spot ahead of snowy, winter mornings.


Turn on the furnace before it’s needed to ensure it is working properly and change your filter.

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be checked and maintained too.

It will soon be time for holidays and a good deep clean of your house and guest areas will take the pressure off for later dates.

Restore order and cleanliness to your home, you will feel lighter and have more time more time to spend with your family, enjoying those fun Fall activities you love.


Read what Barbara Bussey had to say about Neat Spaces services.

“I wanted to send you and Jo-Anne a HUGE thank-you for helping me this week! I realize it is your job but I also felt you cared and I am grateful to you both for your efforts and your patience! I hope you have good job satisfaction because the ripple effect on someone’s life of all that you do is Tsunami in proportion. I hope to get the rest of my stuff and life as organized as what you both accomplished…and now that its started, I am going to prioritize it as a regular necessary tune up item so that it never gets so bad again!”

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