Stoney creek

Are you thinking of downsizing in Stoney Creek?

Whether you are downsizing from your family home to a smaller footprint in a condo or embracing the lifestyle of a retirement home, Neatspaces’ team of trained transition specialists can help take the overwhelm out of your project.

Make moving less stressful​

Our professional organizers can help you:

  • declutter and organize your belongings before listing for sale;
  • stage closets, bookshelves, decor, and storage areas prior to listing;
  • work with you to decide what to take;
  • sort, categorize, and pack your belongings;
  • dispose of unwanted belongings;
  • develop a floor plan for your new living space;
  • organize and manage movers; 
  • unpack and set up your new home.

We’ll make your move seamless and organized, so you can stay focused on the new lifestyle you are about to embrace.

Are you downsizing into a smaller home, condo or retirement home?

Chances are, you’ve accumulated a legacy of things that tell the story of your life journey. Parting with some of these things can be emotional and we understand. 

At Neatspaces, our long history assisting clients with their downsizing needs makes this transition as easy as possible. We have relationships with movers, cleaners, auction houses, consignment stores, and charitable depots.

Helping you reduce the overwhelm

Your transition or new home move can feel monumental, and for many people, the task list is all-consuming. Unfortunately, life won’t often slow down to accommodate how much you have to do. 

We help you reduce the overwhelm with concierge-level move management services, so you can stay focused on the things that matter. 

Your job is to continue living your life while we take care of the details. In fact, some of our clients hand over the keys as they leave their family home and return to their new home fully unpacked and set up.

Community connections

Neatspaces has established relationships with Stoney Creek realtors, retirement homes, legal and accounting professionals to make the whole downsizing process seamless. We have worked with Amica Senior Lifestyles, Signature, Verve, Chartwell, VIVA, Seasons, Sunrise and other retirement and long-term care facilities.

Retirement lifestyle in Stoney Creek

Sandwiched between Lake Ontario and the Niagara escarpment, Stoney Creek is in a scenic region that offers plenty of natural scenery. History left its indelible mark on this area as the famous site of the Battle of Stoney Creek, part of the War of 1812.

People with varied interests can enjoy Stoney Creek with its multiple conservation areas, wineries, the retro and vibrant Starlight Drive In Theatre.  The history buff has lots to explore at The Battlefield House Museum, Dundurn Castle and the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Perhaps you’re downsizing from one of the established neighbourhoods into a home in a more modern development, suitable for residents looking to downsize.  Retirement living is a wonderful option for those looking to downsize their family home and simplify their lives. 

At Neatspaces, we are here to help make your transition to Stoney Creek as seamless and stress-free as possible, so you can move in and immediately begin enjoying all it has to offer.