Realtors and NEATSPACES make an Effective Team

NEATSPACES prides itself on helping clients declutter, organize their homes and move with ease. But did you know we also work with real estate professionals to oversee the decluttering, cleaning and marketing of homes, as well as helping executors and sellers/buyers navigate the process?

If you’re a realtor who has established yourself as an expert in helping seniors in the downsizing market, or you simply want to offer more value to your clients in the form of a third-party trusted partner, NEATSPACES can be an effective partner.

Downsizing, long-distance moving, selling an estate, doing a pre-listing declutter before the home goes on the market – these can each be stressful circumstances for a real estate client. At NEATSPACES, we excel at lifting the weight off of your clients’ shoulders. In this post, we’ll introduce you to our services and offer a few instances when calling us in can make a significant difference.

Our Services

Before we discuss how NEATSPACES can work with you, let’s provide you with a quick rundown of some of the services we offer. For 17 years, we have been helping busy families and individuals with the following:

  • Decluttering and Organizing: Our expert team helps people cut through the clutter and live a freer, more organized life. Working compassionately and patiently with clients, we sort through belongings – working with them to decide what to keep and what to sell, donate and recycle. We then help clients implement easy-to-follow organizational systems. Learn more about our organization and decluttering services at the link.
  • End-to-End Move Management: Moving can be an overwhelming project. With our concierge-level end-to-end move management service, we help clients coordinate moving supplies, movers and packers; we aid in unpacking and setting up; we offer cleaning services, and we work with clients to edit belongings. That way, they can focus on what matters: enjoying their exciting new life transition.
  • Estate Services: Selling the estate of a loved one is never easy. To facilitate the process, we help clients with estate clearing, dispersing belongings, decluttering, and preparing the home for sale. We also offer the services of a trustworthy CEA (Certified Executor Advisor) who helps executors navigate the often-overwhelming process of administering an estate.
  • And More: Visit our website or give us a call to learn more about the services we offer!

NEATSPACES would love to work with you, and our realtor partner program makes that trusted partnership easy. Now that we have introduced ourselves, we would like to give a few specific examples of scenarios where our partnership can help make your – and your client’s – life easier.

When to Partner with NEATSPACES

As a realtor, you thrive on excellent word-of-mouth, stellar online reviews and repeat clients. Therefore, you are always looking for ways to improve the level of service you offer. In this section, let’s list a few instances when having NEATSPACES on speed-dial can help you provide outstanding value to clients.

You Represent Clients Considering Downsizing

If you represent clients looking to downsize but unsure how to edit their belongings, we can help. Downsizing can be an emotional process for many, as it often means leaving the familiar family home – and, with it, some cherished possessions. Our compassionate, considerate and empathetic approach to decluttering can mean the difference between a difficult move and a positive life transition. And our end-to-end move management takes all the stress out of the big day, ensuring your client can make a smooth move.

You Require a Neutral Third Party

As a realtor, you understand how challenging it can be to deal with divorced parties. The house is oftentimes their largest shared asset, and divestment is a thorny issue. Let NEATSPACES act as a neutral, understanding third party. We can work with both parties to prepare the house for sale and move them into their new homes to begin the next chapter.

Your Client Needs Help Marketing a Home

You know the feeling: watching a client who has committed themselves to sorting, decluttering and staging a house for sale only to have that impending listing date creep up. Sometimes, the magnitude of the task can halter a client’s progress. Sometimes, the client is busy with other obligations – be they work or personal responsibilities – and just can’t carve out the time for their home-selling commitments. In any case, give us a ring!

If your client’s goal is to bring a home to market quickly, we’ll get to work sorting, editing, purging, and staging your client’s home.

Your Client is a Busy Executor in Need of Relief

The role of an executor is tough, to put it mildly. For many executors, it’s their first go-around with the process. But even seasoned executors squirm under the weight of estate assets and liabilities, pressure from family members and armchair executors, etc. Our experienced team helps relieve the executor’s burden with a detailed and professional approach. And our registered CEA services make the process of preparing and filing paperwork a relative breeze. 

Your Client Is Simply Too Busy to Oversee the Move

Your client has a lot on their plate. Perhaps they’re a busy professional who doesn’t have enough time to cook dinner, let alone prepare for a big move. Maybe they have recently undergone a major life transition, like a divorce or loss in the family, and lack the mental and emotional energy to move independently. Or, as is increasingly the case, they may be part of the “sandwich generation,” responsible for caring for kids and elderly parents.

Whatever’s filling their time, we can step in to take the pressure off. Our and concierge-level move management and professional organizers in Toronto are ready to help.

Those are just a few specific instances where our services can make your clients’ lives easier. At NEATSPACES, we’re always on the lookout for trusted partners – real estate professionals that share our core values of compassion, patience, professionalism and first-rate service.

If you are interested in teaming up, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available to contact through our website, or you can pick up the phone and call. Here’s to the start of a mutually beneficial friendship.

For downsizing, moving and organizing services in the Greater Toronto Area contact us today!