Downsizing Your Home

Now is finally the time to turn to your next chapter and downsize your home.

Your home reflects a lifetime of memories. To other people, your belongings just look like a lot of stuff; but to you, they represent years worth of living and the people who mean most to you.

At NEATSPACES, we provide patient and compassionate senior downsizing services in Toronto and Burlington to help make the transition seamless. From decluttering to packing to move management, we do it all to help you downsize your home with minimal stress.

Are You Ready to Downsize Your Family Home?

It’s time to finally spend your time doing what you enjoy without feeling bogged down by the accumulation of your stuff that’s piled up over the years.

Downsizing comes with ease and flow — and a smaller footprint. That said, downsizing is not always easy.

The piles can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know where even to start. How do you decide what to keep, donate, or get rid of? What should you pass on to your kids?

The compassionate team at NEATSPACES offers senior downsizing services in Toronto and Burlington to help make the process easier. We understand that your home reflects a life well lived, and we will help you downsize and prepare for the changes ahead. We’re here to help with a personalized plan of action and trustworthy hands-on support.

After we simplify your sorting, organization, and disposal to make moving easier, we help set up your new home in a way that continues to reflect your personal journey, so it feels like home.

Complimentary Consultation

As part of our downsizing services, we provide a complimentary in-home consultation. After we walk through your home and establish your goals and objectives, we’ll customize a downsizing plan that’s right for you. We’ll answer all of your questions about our process, best practices, and how to make this time of transition as easy as possible.

We understand that your home is full of memories, cherished furniture, art, table top decor, and other household goods that you have collected over the years.

NEATSPACES will help you organize what you want to keep and declutter your space. We will provide you with the best possible options for disposing of things that you or your family don’t have room for. We provide senior downsizing services in Toronto and Burlington with a high level of organization, support, and professionalism.

We always respect your wishes and direction. Our team always sorts through a home’s contents carefully and thoroughly to ensure everything is dealt with in a manner that puts your mind at ease.

Call us today to book your consultation to start your downsizing project.

The Downsize

When you utilize our professional downsizing services, we work with your family to optimize the furniture layout and space in your new home. We’ll provide guidance on what to move with you, and will even help you move it if needed.

NEATSPACES’ team of professional organizers in Toronto will help you sort through and edit your belongings, and provide thoughtful options for items you cannot take with you.

For example, you can dispose of furnishings, art, table top decor, flatware, stemware and china through a combination of auction, sale, consignment or donation.

If your downsizing efforts include the sale of your home, we’ll work with your real estate agent to ensure your home looks its best before listing it.

Managing the Move

In addition to providing downsizing services in Toronto, we also offer end-to-end move management to help make this transition seamless. We coordinate and oversee movers, elevator reservations, packing supplies, packing, unpacking and setting up your new home. If closet systems are required to optimize storage, we will arrange that in advance so everything is put in its place on moving day.

Detailed planning in advance makes moving day as easy as it can be. We provide concierge level move management services from start to finish.

When you enlist the help of NEATSPACES’ downsizing services in Toronto or Burlington, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new home will be set up and ready for you to relax and settle into!

Our Areas of Service

NEATSPACES is based in Toronto and Burlington, but we serve various cities across the GTA.

Our downsizing services are available in Ancaster, Oakville, Milton, Caledon, Georgetown, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton, Dundas, Carlisle, Caledonia, Grimsby, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Erin, Durham, Newmarket, Stoney Creek, Aurora, Thornhill, and surrounding areas. Contact NEATSPACES today for your Toronto downsizing needs.

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