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Compassionate Estate Cleanout Services

Cleaning out the estate of a loved one can be sentimental and overwhelming.

NEATSPACES provides patient and compassionate estate services in Toronto and Burlington to help you manage your estate settlements. We offer estate cleaning to manage all items and clutter that may need to be cleared out before a home can be listed for sale.

Get the support you need when you work with NEATSPACES. Whatever your estate cleanout needs may be, our team of home organizers can help you.

Are You an Executor?

If you are an executor or estate trustee faced with the settlement of an estate, NEATSPACES can help you.

NEATSPACES offers estate cleanout services in Toronto and Burlington to help support you during this time. We provide you with the assistance you may need to empty the contents of a home and prepare it for sale.

We know that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of sentimental items, household goods, furniture, art, table top décor, and clutter that needs to be sorted before a home is listed for sale. NEATSPACES offers organizing, decluttering, and move management services to make the process more seamless.

If you are unsure of the value of any items or the options available to you for sale, auction, or donation, once the home is sold, we work with you to form a feasible game plan.

Do You Need Support During a Challenging Time?

Family homes are full of memories, family legacies, and many other things that mean far less. Family homes need sorting, decluttering and organizing, but we know it is particularly difficult to clean and declutter a home belonging to a loved one.

NEATSPACES provides estate cleaning services in Toronto and Burlington to make estate cleanouts less overwhelming. We provide you with the support you need every step of the way. We offer decluttering and packing services to help make this transition easier on all family members involved.

You might feel pressured by deadlines and the need to care for yourself and others in a time of grief or be under stress from family members with differing points of view on the sale of the home and the disposition of its contents. We can help by establishing timelines, providing professional advice, introducing third party professionals as required, and sorting through paperwork you will need to settle the estate.

We Provide Compassionate Estate Cleaning Services

Lean on NEATSPACES as a trusted partner during these difficult times.

Our compassionate team is experienced in estate clearing, dispersing belongings, decluttering, and preparing the home for sale even under tight deadlines.

We will always respect your wishes and direction. We sort through a home’s contents carefully and thoroughly to ensure everything is dealt with in a manner that puts your concerns at ease.

We take special care to identify items that might be of monetary or unique sentimental value to each family and set them aside for you.

What To Expect

Meet with NEATSPACES for a complimentary in-home consultation. We work with you to create a plan that is personalized to your estate cleanout needs. Together, we will develop a detailed plan of action to accomplish your goals and objectives. The Lead Organizer will work with the executor and or family to determine what they want to keep.

We will make recommendations and present options for dispersing the remaining furniture, art, décor, and household contents that the family or other beneficiaries are not keeping.

You can have peace of mind knowing that, when you work with NEATSPACES, we will order supplies and work to sort, organize, and pack all items in the house. We provide home packing services in Toronto and Burlington to help streamline the process.

We label all items for family, donation, consignment, auction, or disposal. We have a policy of establishing a safe zone in the house where pictures, personal correspondence, family specific memorabilia, and other items of sentimental or monetary value are set aside for family review.

We will arrange for the removal of donations, consignment and auction items, garbage, recycling, toxins, metal, and medication. Our movers work locally in Toronto and Burlington, and across Canada and parts of the US if shipments need to be made to family or beneficiaries.

Cleaners and other third-party partners can be coordinated to prepare the house for sale. Following the sale of the house, NEATSPACES will remove any remaining items and coordinate a final cleaning.

We are committed to delivering professional, timely and transparent estate cleanout services in Toronto and Burlington.

Our Areas of Service

NEATSPACES offers organizing, move management, estate, and downsizing services in Toronto, Burlington, and surrounding areas. We serve Ancaster, Oakville, Milton, Caledon, Georgetown, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton, Dundas, Carlisle, Caledonia, Grimsby, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Erin, Durham, Newmarket, Stoney Creek, Aurora, Thornhill, and surrounding areas.

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