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Estate Services

Are You an Executor?

Are you an executor or estate trustee faced with the settlement of an estate?

Are you tasked with preparing the home for sale and emptying the contents?  

Are you overwhelmed by the volume of sentimental items, household goods, furniture, art, table top décor and clutter that needs to be sorted before the home is listed for sale?

Are you unsure of the value of these items and what options are available for sale, auction, or donation once the home is sold?

Do You Need Support During a Challenging Time?

Family homes are full of memories, family legacies, and many other things that mean far less but still need sorting and organizing. It’s particularly difficult when they belong to a loved one.

You might feel pressured by deadlines, the need to care for yourself and others in a time of grief, or under stress from family members with differing points of view on the sale of the home and the disposition of its contents. We can help by establishing timelines, providing professional advice, introducing third party professionals as required and sorting through paperwork you will need to settle the estate.

We Provide Compassionate Executor Services

Lean on us as a trusted partner during these difficult times. 

Our compassionate team is experienced in dispersing belongings and preparing the home for sale even under tight deadlines. 

We always respect your wishes and direction, sorting through a home’s contents carefully and thoroughly to ensure everything is dealt with in a manner that puts your concerns at ease. 

We take special care to identify items that might be of monetary or unique sentimental value to each family and set them aside for you.

What To Expect

Meet with us for a complimentary in-home consultation following which we will develop a detailed plan of action to accomplish your goals and objectives. The Lead Organizer will work with the executor and or family to determine what they want to keep. We will make recommendations and present options for dispersing the remaining furniture, art, décor and household contents that the family or other beneficiaries are not keeping.

We will order supplies and work to sort, organize, and pack all items in the house labelling them for family, donation, consignment, auction, or disposal. We have a policy of establishing a safe zone in the house where pictures, personal correspondence, family specific memorabilia and other items of sentimental or monetary value are set aside for family review.

We will arrange for the removal of donations, consignment and auction items, garbage, recycling, toxins, metal, and medication. Our movers work locally, across Canada and in many parts of the US, if shipments need to be made to family or beneficiaries.

Cleaners and other third-party partners can be coordinated to prepare the house for sale. Following the sale of the house, NEATSPACES will remove any remaining items and coordinate a final cleaning.

We are committed to professional, timely and transparent service

See What Our Customers Say

"NeatSpaces’ owner and team were professional, pleasant and extremely helpful. They were on-time and on-budget in providing their services to: consult; recommend appropriate recipients (e.g. charities, consignors, galleries, etc.); sort; pack; move furniture/artworks/household goods/clothing to multiple locations within the city; store furniture for transportation later to another province; and clean in preparation for the sale of a house that was required to be completely empty and clean.NeatSpaces made the large and unpleasant task of removing 50 years of accumulated contents very tolerable. Most importantly, both NeatSpaces’ owner and team did exactly what they said they were going to do and they did it very well. Would highly recommend NeatSpaces to anyone needing to deal with a move or an estate-type situation "

Highly Satisfied Customer, Toronto

"Late in 2018, my elderly parents passed away within a few weeks of each other after living in their detached bungalow for 55 years. After the emotional shock and forthcoming arrangements we began the daunting task of preparing the home for sale. My brother and I and our wives were in disbelief with what lay ahead; it was incredible the amount of furniture, clothing, books, kitchenware, tools and personal belongings that had accumulated over those years. We attempted over the better part of 2 months, several hours every week, sorting and organizing and packing and realized we weren’t making much of a dent in the effort required. A friend recommended Edie and her team at Neat Spaces and we are very pleased that she did. Over a period of less than one week Edie’s team organized, sorted, packed and removed all the agreed to contents, leaving the house in a state ready for sale. We found Neat Spaces to be very professional and reliable in every sense. We had no fear trusting the team with family possessions, personal documents or precious sentimental memorabilia. We can highly recommend Neat Spaces and thank them for diminishing our family stress during our difficult emotional time."

Home Sale Preparation
Neale., Mississauga

"I contacted Neat Spaces Professional Organizing Services to assist in the clearing of a 3200 sq ft home that was occupied by a senior couple with dementia. Neat Spaces staff met me at the house to complete a walk through and to provide comments/options on how best to organize and clear the house for sale. The staff was amazing. They looked after bringing people in to organize... to pack up... to remove and distribute items to auction houses, charities, scrap metal, landfill and storage. They were incredibly organized. They were well staffed. The whole crew was sympathetic, patient and willing to help. I would highly recommend Neat Spaces Professional Organizing Services"

Organizing and Clearing A Seniors Home
Neatspaces Customer

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