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Have you established yourself as an expert working with seniors in the downsizing market? 

Are your clients too busy to take on the project of moving themselves or their parents? 

Do you want to stand out in the realtor market by providing a network of third-party trusted partners?

You know a well-marketed listing will stand out and provide your clients with the best possible market price. Before your clients’ home is staged, you need to have the client’s décor and furnishings edited. That’s where we can help.

If the sale or purchase of a home is hinging on a short closing date, Neatspaces move management service can help ease your client’s anxiety about meeting the deadline

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NEATSPACES would love to be your trusted partner. 

We have established ourselves with over 15 years of experience in residential home organizing, downsizing, move management, and estate clearouts.

Clients often don’t realize how much work is involved in sorting, decluttering and staging a house for sale.  If your client has committed to this task and the listing date is quickly approaching, reach out!  Neatspaces’ team can declutter, stage and clean the home to meet your deadline

If your first goal is to bring the house to market quickly, we will do a pre-listing sort, edit, purge and stage of your client’s home. 

We save you time and reduce stress for your clients by managing all phases of the project including the coordination of moving supplies, movers, junk removal, donations, cleaners and any other required third party services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have your clients desired to downsize for quite some time but feel bogged down by the “stuff” they’ve collected during their journey? Are they unsure where and how to sell, donate or dispose of it? Our compassionate team works with your clients, lifting the weight of the project from the whole family.

Our end-to-end professional move management service provides absolute peace of mind during the overwhelm of a move. If your client is relocating, a busy professional, or managing the needs of children and elderly parents, we provide trusted turnkey moving services so your client can focus on other responsibilities. Ask us about our Relocation Concierge Service.

Dealing with divorcing parties can be delicate. The reality is that often the single largest asset, their home, needs to be divested as part of the process. A neutral, compassionate third party can work with both parties to get the house ready for sale and move them into their new home to begin the next chapter.

The burden of being appointed an executor or estate trustee is enormous, especially for parties experiencing grief at the loss of a loved one. Executors have busy lives of their own and may not even live in the same city. Our experienced team helps relieve the burden with a compassionate, detailed and professional approach, always watching out for personal or valuable items that may have been tucked away in unsuspecting places.

We believe in positive collaboration, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss joint marketing opportunities with you. Our fresh ideas will add value to your clients and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. One idea you can use right away: set yourself apart in the listing presentation by presenting the client with a gift certificate towards our services.

NEATSPACES can lead the coordination of long haul moves across Canada and the US (not all destinations served)

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