Tips for the Season

Tips for Your Home

Rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher directly from the table before the food dries.

If you keep plastic containers to use for leftovers, mark the tops and bottoms with the same number so you can easily match the container with the correct lid.

Hold a pantyhose leg over the vacuum cleaner nozzle to pick up Christmas tree needles without plugging the vacuum.

Tips for Your Office

The office is now mobile. Work is no longer a place, but a state of mind. With portable devices we can work anywhere. Maintain control. Add structure to your life.

Have set times to check and respond to email. Schedule personal and family time as well as work-related activities.

Recognize that you can’t do everything. Spend more time identifying and working on the most important tasks and activities and less time trying to empty your To Do list.

Life is not measured in minutes and seconds, but in activities and events. This is not to say that time management is not important; but the emphasis should be on managing our lives, not our minutes. This involves having a personal mission, setting life goals, and freeing up time for the meaningful areas of our lives such as God, family and friends.

Tips for the Season

Make more purchases on the Internet and fewer in person. Shop by mail. Search out those companies who will deliver to your door.

Jot down what you receive from others. It can be embarrassing having to thank people for their “beautiful gift” when you have no idea what it was that you received, if anything.

Have a large garbage bag handy whenever it’s gift-opening time.

Tips for Your Life

To ensure that out-of-town friends don’t get lost and lose time (and their tempers) getting to your home, go to the outskirts of the city and dictate the directions into a digital recorder as you drive. Include landmarks and signs to watch for, when to change lanes, etc.  Mail it to them on a CD, which they can return to you when they arrive.

Make up a follow-up file where you can put articles and ideas for next Christmas so you can review them a month before Christmas.

If we become so obsessed with the minutes, we may not enjoy the hours. Don’t let the means become the objective. It’s better to waste time than to waste life. Have a great and glorious day with your family, friends or other loved ones. And waste all the time you want to waste today. You have earned it. You deserve it. You may even need it. Merry Christmas.

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