What’s YOUR hanger style?


Hangers are made from a variety of materials and have different purposes.  They are designed to hold different types of clothing so let’s see what your hanger style is!


Black Velvet Hangers

:  These hangers are designed to keep clothes from slipping off; however, because they do hold your clothes securely, you need to take extra care to position garments on the hanger to make sure they hang properly. Great for silky materials or strappy styles.

Wooden Hangers:  

For durability, nothing can beat wood, but they do take up more room than other types of hangers. Take a look at the space you have before converting to all wood. Great for sweaters, suits, jackets & knits of all kinds.  My favourite source for wooden hangers is Home Outfitters, where you can get a package of 24 for only $19.99.

Plastic Hangers:  

Plastic hangers work best for most people. They’re less finicky than velvet, and take up less room than wood. Be aware of quality as many discounts stores sell them but they break easily. For the best deal, look for the Neat Freak line at Walmart.

Wire Hangers:  

UGH! Wire hangers are not intended for long-term storage or everyday use. They creep up into every closet like a bad rash! As soon as you get home from the dry cleaners, re-hang your clothes on the hanger of your choice, and return the wire hangers to the cleaners for re-use.

Pants Hangers

:  There are a few things to consider when deciding how you’ll hang your pants. Would you rather hang them full length, or folded over the hanger? If full length, will you clip them from the waistband or the hem? 
As long as your hanger is well-padded, you can fold your pants over without getting unsightly creases. And as an added bonus, you can save closet space, by having one rod over the other. You can get excellent padded hangers for pants at either Home Outfitters or Solutions – Your Organized Living Store.

Kid’s Hangers: These hangers are specially designed for children’s clothing and will keep the closet neat & tidy.   Be aware though of when the child’s clothing gets too big for them.  Switch them out for adult hangers at the appropriate size or you will have clothing falling to the floor. IKEA is a great choice for cheap and cheerful hangers.



Be Consistent

:  Your closet will be more organized when you choose the hanger that best suits your personality, and use it consistently. This doesn’t mean you and your spouse have to compromise if you have different personalities – each of you can use your preferred hanger in your own section of the closet. 


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