Cottage and RV Organization!

Sweet Summer. Time to enjoy the vacation time you’ve worked so hard for.

It’s great to get away from the city, daily routines and chores. Long summer days and warm weather inspire gatherings with family and friends. If you are lucky enough to have some holiday time at the cottage or RV, here’s a few tips and tricks to keep your space organized and ready for guests.

Take Stock

When you opened up your cottage or RV for the season, you likely tossed and replenished older items.

If not, take the time now to check the expiry dates on any allergy pills or other medications, bug spray and sunscreen and restock.

The Pantry. Give it a good clean out and rotate. Group together similar food items and discard any expired items. Then make a list of everything you need.

The List! 

Keep your list in the same place always ~ where it’s easy to add items or grab on your way out the door. I’m running into town, …what do we need?! The list is crucial, it will save you time and sanity.

(Also, Ice is ALWAYS on the list! Everything is better “ice cold” in the summer).

Consider designating a laundry basket or tote at home for items that need to make it back to the cottage or RV. Tuck it in the bottom of the linen or coat closet and add to it as items are gathered.

The beach towel you brought home by accident, the new mad libs, a fresh pack of pencil crayons, celery salt or a new wine opener. As you acquire any new useful items or repurpose gently used,  place them in the basket to grab and go on your next trip up. 

Must Haves

Stock up on the key “must have” toiletry items. 

Instead of transporting your necessities back and forth, keep a supply in both places – you’ll spend less time packing, require less room in your vehicle, and are less likely to leave something behind. 

Keep extras on hand, both for guests and to ensure you don’t run out when you are miles away from the nearest store. We’ve all had that moment of realization, where we discover we forgot to pack something important ~ toothbrushes, shampoo or hygiene products. 

Leave a note to invite guests to help themselves to anything they may need.

Cottage Rules & Safety 

Be prepared. Post a list of phone numbers for emergency and neighbouring cottages, the RV Park Office phone number or directions to the nearest hospital. 

Include useful information like codes, user instructions, instructions for locking up when you leave, what gets turned off and what is left on, and so on. The number for a reliable local plumber or RV service tech may come in handy.

Replenish the First Aid kit with vital items you may need in a pinch. 

Be sure to have everything from Band-aids to Benadryl on hand, just in case.

Access Safety Items – PFD’s, smoke detectors, batteries, flashlights and make sure they are in good working order. Be sure fire extinguishers are fully charged.

Essentials Caddy 

Consider a caddy for items to travel easily ~ especially if the dock is far from the cabin or RV. Create a caddy with a handle, that can hold important items. You don’t want to have to double back for…sunscreen, bug spray, beach reads & drinks!


Labeling is key to an organized experience. Cottages and RV’s generally have many users, sometimes without the owners being present, so labeling the inside of cupboards, light switches, pump switches, slide outs etc. keeps things in order and avoids mistakes of turning off equipment that should be left off.

Identify keys too and make sure key chains float.

Waste Disposal

Post instructions for waste disposal. 

Include important info like “the Dump” hours, directions or what days are garbage pick up. 

Rules may differ from municipalities or RV parks regarding recycling/ green bin, so offer up local strategies.

Leave plenty of garbage bags and cleaning products plus tips on where to store garbage to keep away from critters.

Local Information & a Guest Book

Create guest book for friends and family to sign, date and log the fun they had!

Keep important local information in the front of the book. 

Make the first entry yours. Include favourite local destinations, like places you love to visit on a rainy day or where/when to find the best farmer’s market.  Directions to that little out of the way bakery with homemade sausage rolls and cinnamon buns!

It’s also great for tracking information that may be important to you – weather, water levels or communicating jobs that may need attention and tasks completed. 

Ask guests to leave an entry prior to departure about what things they enjoyed, wildlife seen or local gems they found to explore. They may find a new little gem you never knew existed. This book will help guests feel like locals. Encourage the kids to make entries too. 

It’s a great way to preserve memories. After all, making memories is what it’s all about. 

Happy Summer ~ Enjoy your getaway wherever it may take you!


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