Do you have too much stuff?

Many clients come to us searching for ways to transform their cluttered lives.

They have become overwhelmed by possessions and are seeking strategies to simplify their life.

If your possessions are draining you or adding stress to your everyday, it’s time to access your systems and belongings.  Once you are ready to make some changes, here are some basic steps to help you with the process.  


Getting Started

Do you have too much stuff? 

It can be challenging to know where to start, but tackling one room at a time can help you to simplify your life and breathe easier.  If the item is no longer purposeful in your current lifestyle, let it go. Don’t be guilted into keeping an item because it was a gift. A gift does not come with a commitment to keep forever.

Whose memory is it? Are you keeping all the items from a family estate because they meant so much to the person who owned them? These items were their memories, and not yours. It is ok to let it go.

Taking a photo of an items allows you to recall that item for years to come, without physically holding on to it.


Gifting to others (but only if they are wanted by them). 


Should you decide to sell items of value, there are different ways to go about it: Auction, Kjijii – if you are comfortable with online selling or consignment.


Any items that is in reusable condition can be donated.  Unless it is obsolete – for example tube tv’s, encyclopedias, large bulky computer monitors – obsolete electronics can be donated for e-waste value (see more info below).

It’s easy to donate to Salvation Army or other community centres that are in need.  Did you know that The Salavation Army is the second largest contributor to social services in Canada next to the Federal Government? Pretty awesome!

Non Donation Items

Now that you have determined the items that may be the most useful to others, what do you do about the rest?  Responsible waste management. Here are some examples of materials that do not go into the garbage and will need to be taken to your local waste management centre for proper disposal.


These are used electronics that no longer work. Due to the nature of the materials in these components, electronics should be disposed of properly. In Ontario, you can drop off items to an OES approved collection site. 

Visit and enter your postal code for the nearest location accepting drop offs.

Some municipalities offer curbside pick up, you can contact your municipality or view their website for more information. Their webpage may also have a calendar with limited collection events. You may find local fire stations also accept items.


Whenever possible use your Blue Bin to recycle. Thanks to free curbside pick up on your designated day, recycling couldn’t be easier. Create a designated recycle bin for paper recycling and another for containers. Be mindful of what goes where ~ bonus points for helping the planet!


Remember toxic items like batteries, light bulbs, toiletries, medications, paints, potions and lotions need special consideration. Hazardous waste can be harmful to our health and the environment and are not accepted in curbside garbage or recycling. Some municipalities offer special waste drop-off days throughout the year, so check their calendar for this information too.

Household Hazardous Waste Depot, allows the drop off of materials that are in their original containers and the contents are clearly marked on the outside. Please ensure all containers are closed securely prior to transport.


Community Recycling Centre’s accept scrap metal like pots and pans, baking sheets, rusty nails etc. ~ items that are made from metal, but are in unusable condition.

Finish Strong

Now that you’ve made this progress, don’t go back to your old habits.

Shift the way you think about shopping and over shopping. It’s too easy to just keep buying more stuff. 

Instead, try to make thoughtful purchases and cut back. Waste less, reuse more. Enjoy what you have. Create the physical environment you wish for and attain the life you desire.



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