LOVE for the Garage!

You CAN have an Organized Garage that you are proud to show off, not to mention actually find things in…

Here’s how!

Scheduling Tip

Organizing your garage might seem like a good rainy-day activity, but it’s better to do it on a nice day. That way you can actually take everything out into the driveway where you can get a good look at it and decide whether it needs to be cleaned or repaired before putting it back – or whether it should be put back at all.  Prepare to take the whole day and get the job done, you’ll be glad you did!

Safety Tip 

An organized garage is a safe garage! To prevent accidents, cabinets and shelves should be securely fastened to the walls , and children’s items should not be stored near rakes, shovels, or other sharp or potentially dangerous objects. These round, tough and durable bins found at Walmart, are fabulous for kids toys, balls and general items.  They fit nicely underneath your existing shelving and keep the oddly shaped kid stuff contained!









Green Tip

Dispose of all toxic materials responsibly by taking them to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot in your area. Take a look at the Halton Region Recycling & Waste Website for al the information you will need.

Shelving Tip

Get it off the floor! NEAT SPACES installs all kinds of systems to help you stay organized. Let us come and take a look at what you need!









Downsizing Tip

Take some time to enjoy going through all your treasures, and be realistic as to what you can take back into the garage. Family members might be happy to take some of your things, but you may need to consider donating others to charity or selling them. If you have lots of stuff to sell, consider holding a garage sale.

For downsizing, moving and organizing services in the Greater Toronto Area contact us today!