Our Own Closet!

The spare bedroom ~ It quickly can become a “catch all” for busy families.
Our house was no different and this space was not being respected. As we know, we pay for every square foot of our home in heating, hydro taxes etc so I started thinking, why not transform this space into a well needed closet FOR ME? Good idea right?

You see, as the kids start to move out, it starts to become more about our needs as parents and the focus shifts somewhat. Of course we continue to support our children, do what we can but we also have to think of self care and what is important to US.










We are so pleased with the finished product!  Of course we used all of our Professional Organizer tricks and trades to get the desired finished product.

~ All hangers the same colour and style.
~ Clothing organized by type 
~ Purses are standing and keep their shape by using cut pool noodles (genius)!
~ Tall boots stay upright and preserve their shape with boot inserts.
~ Every room deserves a bit of bling so we chose some design features we LOVE!


img_0691 img_0693 img_0695 img_0697







Looking forward to choosing a cozy rug for the floor and we are finished. What do you think?



NEAT SPACES is offering complimentary Closet Design Consultations to make your dream closet or dressing room come true. Look forward to hearing from you!

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