Out with the old and in with the new!

That is what the New Year is about right?

It’s a good motto to have when starting to purge and declutter in 2017. 

Start in the kitchen, and we don’t mean the cupboards, we’re talking about behind that stainless steel door!  Throw out expired or old food and commit to doing it once a week.  Check the condiments for dates, expired ones are often hiding in the back. You will find that you are more selective about what and how much you buy in the future.  Eating what you have instead of buying new will become a habit.  It will save you dollars and give peace of mind that you aren’t wasting.

Move on to “behind closed doors and drawers”. We know it’s in there, the stuff you no longer use! Pass it on to friends, family or donate it. Stop fighting with the stuff behind the doors. Think twice before purchasing that new shiny kitchen gadget. Give your cupboards and drawers a great scrub too.

A NEAT SPACES favourite is Tupperware, many excellent items for your food storage needs. Ask us how we can save you money and stress by using them.

On to the bathroom.  This area can become a clutter nightmare as it is a small place for most.  It easily turns into a gift graveyard!  If unopened and sealed you can donate those extra soaps, creams and smelly good things you will never use. Only keep what you want or will absolutely use, and then take the step to make sure you use them up before buying new.  Save space on cleaning supplies, only keep what you need.  A multipurpose cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, glass cleaner and a few micro fiber cloths will do the trick for the whole space. For the expired items or items you no longer want, please dispose of these safely and drop off to your local waste management site.

The Master Closet: Deal with your own clothes first, you’ll be so glad you did, the other closets will purge quite easily when you get to them. Go through each piece of clothing one at a time.  How do you feel when you wear it?  If the answer is not good, let it go.  For everything that stays, line up the hangers backwards and then turn them forwards after you wear it.   In 6 to 10 months, take another look at the backwards hangers.  Why are you hanging on? Pun Intended. Let them go to a donation centre.

Have a good look and see if you are using every square foot in your closet. Consider investing in a closet organizing system. We have budget friendly options available. Investing in your peace of mind is a great New Year Resolution for 2017!

Keeping your home and space clean & clutter free makes life so much simpler.  Set aside the time and do the work. You will feel much more relaxed and isn’t that the way to start 2017?

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