The countdown is on!

The countdown is on! There are only few weeks left before the big day, but follow these steps and you’ll be ready for the merriest and most stress-free Christmas ever!

Haven’t mailed your cards yet? No worries! You have until December 6th to send cards overseas, December 13th for the US, and December 17th for anywhere in Canada.

Not sure you can meet those deadlines? Use your computer to create mailing labels (including your return address labels) on your computer, and get some help sticking them on. All you have to do is sign the cards! Have kids? Use them! LOL Children love to be involved during the festive preparations. Teach them your holiday traditions and receive help at the same time – BONUS!

Do you really need to buy so many presents? Instead of spending money you can’t afford on things that won’t get used, consider treating your loved one to a special experience after the holidays are over.

Print out the details of the event or celebration, and put it in a Christmas card. That way you experience the thrill of giving and they the receiving on Christmas Day.

If you have kids on your shopping list, they’re probably looking forward to having something they can unwrap Christmas morning. Keep it green by avoiding toys that require batteries, or include rechargeable batteries and a battery charger with your gift.

Stay away from crowded stores by doing your shopping online. Solutions – Your Organized Living Store has stocking stuffers and gifts for all ages, and shipping is free if you order $100 or more. The Container Store ships to Canada now too!

Before you shop, check your closets for items you’ve bought or received, but have never used. Would any of them be a suitable gift for someone you know?

Gift certificates are great clutter-free gifts and are available for just about anything – including professional organizing services from NEAT SPACES!

If you don’t have room for a gift wrapping station in your home (seriously, how many of us do?), place rolls of wrapping paper and other supplies in a tall bucket. Everything will be together when you need it, and you can easily tuck it out of the way when you’re not wrapping presents.

The house can get a bit neglected when you’re out every night shopping or going to concerts and parties. Keep things under control by doing a five-minute pick-up in each room every day, either before you go out or when you get home.

Don’t let a hectic schedule make you resort to eating fast food every night! Make a big pot of stew or chili on the weekend and enjoy it several times – it will taste even better after you reheat it!

Travelling for the holidays? Don’t wait until you’re packing to make sure you have everything you need. Make a list and gather everything up ahead of time so you’ve got time to go out and pick up anything you’re missing.

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