The Ultimate Summer Checklist!

Welcome Summer! A world of possibilities.

As a kid, is there any better feeling than the last day of school?

As a parent, is there any feeling more overwhelming than end of the school year burnout?

We all know Summer goes by fast. There’s no better time to make your “Summer to Remember” plans.

So how do you make the most of the hot Summer days, long warm nights and keep organized in between?

Bucket List

Create a Summer Bucket list. Places to see and things to do on your free days.

Sit down with your family and agree on activities that will make Summer 2018 incredible!

Include ideas like…

Visits with family & friends
One on one time
Nostalgic Summer activities
Time outside in nature
Time to disconnect
Rest ~ Enjoy some well earned down time

Be Prepared

Wherever you go ~ be prepared.

Pack “Summer Essentials” at the ready.

Pack a bag with anything needed for your journeys.

Water, Sunscreen, healthy snacks. A small cooler is valuable for outings.

Create a swimming bag or tote with suits & towels.

Proper footwear ~ sometimes flip flops are not enough.

PJ’s! Late Summer nights sometimes just happen. It’s ok ~ that’s what memories are made of!

Packing the kids pjs, (just in case) is a veteran move.

Transition your sleeping babes into bed easily if they fall asleep on the car ride home, exhausted from a full day.

Make Something Together

Food, art, crafts, photos, a keepsake.

Create something together. Bake the cookies you loved as a kid. Teach your kids to cook.

Create an arts & crafts closet or cupboard to make art an everyday option.

Take Photos ~ and do something with them, … an album, a scrapbook, a keepsake.

Find an online photo scavenger hunt for you to create together over the Summer.

Make memories with you in the photos together!

Down Time

Not every day has to be go, go, go.

Take time to enjoy the lazy days of Summer too.

Create a cozy, comfy place that inspires reading…a big chair in the corner beside the bookshelf or a backyard hammock or lounge chair.

Join a book club or create a new book shelf, to easily access your Summer reads.

Read a book or series together or just quietly share the space.

Encourage kids to read.

Remind yourself that reading under a tree in the Summertime is a rewarding way to spend the day.

Keep a Routine

Try not to let your routine get too far off track… Wake up times, lunch times, bed times.

Keeping a routine is good, even if it is a loose routine.

Make time for daily rituals, like making your bed in the morning or bedtime routines.

Assign kids daily chores appropriate to their age, to help around the house.

As a part of the family, kids should contribute to the household responsibilities.

Not only will they gain a sense of achievement, but they will also be learning skills to help them as they become adults.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

The quicker the household jobs are accomplished, the faster you will get out the door for Summer adventures.

Enjoy your Summer!


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