Marriage, Divorce and Estate Planning: Tips for Blended Families

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According to Statistics Canada, roughly 12% (or one in eight) of Canadian families are “blended.” Also called stepfamilies, these merged family units are the result of two people coming together from previous marriages, and bringing a child or children with them. It’s an increasingly common facet of Canadian familial life, reflecting a modern understanding of […]

Why and How to Downsize Your Wardrobe

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A wardrobe should be a streamlined extension of your personal tastes and comforts. But too often, we let our wardrobes become receptacles for any and all garments we’ve purchased in the past. It’s all too easy to toss outgrown or excess clothing to the back of your closet, and if you’re in the habit of […]

The Benefits of Downsizing Your Home in Retirement

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Downsizing in retirement is a popular choice for many. After kids have grown and you’re left with an empty nest, downsizing has a lot of practical and financial benefits. It can be a significant boost to retirement funds, allowing for a more comfortable living situation. There are many benefits of senior downsizing, some of which […]

Donation Guide: How, What and Where to Donate

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Throughout the years, we acquire many belongings in our homes. In some cases, these are things we use daily, and in others, we may only use them once in a while. But inevitably, our lives evolve and tastes change, and we recognize that there are superfluous things in our homes, much of which no longer […]

The Art Of Disposal: How to Dispose of Your Things

Many times during our lives, we want or need to get rid of some of our belongings. One of the biggest obstacles to doing this is not knowing what to do with those items. It can be overwhelming if you’re getting rid of a lot of stuff or have things that you don’t know how […]

What to do with Your Collectibles and Collections

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For many, downsizing can be a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, which extends to downsizing collectibles and collections. Often, when people decide to downsize, there isn’t as much space in their new home, and people have to decide what to do with the things they’ve collected. Dismantling a collection after spending years tracking down pieces […]

Empty Nesters: Who They Are and Their Psychology

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When your kids fly off to start a life of their own and leave you with an empty nest, it can bring up a lot of difficult emotions — but also a lot of opportunities. If you’re currently or about to experience this milestone, chances are that you are dreading it. The reality is that […]

What is the Demand for Antique Furniture?

Picture this: After thoughtfully acquiring pieces of beautiful antique furniture, potentially over a lifetime, the time comes to move or downsize, and you don’t have the space to bring it with you.  Another scenario: you’ve recently lost a loved one and are left to clean out their estate. You may have memories tied up in […]

6 Books About Downsizing to Help You Prepare

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If you’ve recently considered downsizing, chances are you have a list of questions. Some are strictly practical: How does one reasonably sort through a lifetime of items to choose what to bring? Other questions are emotional: How do you let go of certain belongings when they’re inextricably tied to memories? And some questions are aspirational […]

How to Make End of Life Plans: A Checklist for Families

How to Make End of Life Plans: A Checklist for Families

Picture this: a family huddled around the bed of a dying loved one in the hospital emergency room, ICU or hospice, trying to parse out what their parent wanted. “What do we do if they didn’t sign a medical power of attorney?” “How do they want to be buried?” “What do we do with mom […]