Collection, Clutter, Or Hoarding: How to Tell the Difference

Most conditions exist on a spectrum. Someone can be stressed by the rigours of work and personal life. But that’s wholly different than having an anxiety disorder, despite the two conditions sharing similar underlying mechanisms. Likewise, collecting, cluttering and hoarding are plotted points on a broad spectrum. They share some underlying impulses and characteristics, but […]

Building Trust while Helping Seniors Downsize

When downsizing, getting started is often the hardest part.  When we look around at our homes, we are often filled with overwhelm at the volume of items that need to be downsized, donated, gifted, or boxed up to come with us to our next move.  With seniors, it can be even more overwhelming as the […]

Back to School Time!!

It’s almost Labour Day! How did that happen?

I know, I know… There’s still lots of the Summer season to enjoy.

The Ultimate Summer Checklist!

Welcome Summer! A world of possibilities. As a kid, is there any better feeling than the last day of school? As a parent, is there any feeling more overwhelming than end of the school year burnout? We all know Summer goes by fast. There’s no better time to make your “Summer to Remember” plans. So […]

How are YOU?

Have you ever had someone ask, “How are you?” and the answer that comes to mind is … “Busy” If the answer is yes, it may be time to stop and reflect for a moment. Is busy really even an answer? Is it a defence? A mindset? Socrates once said, “Beware the barrenness of a […]

Finally! Feels like Spring ?

  Spring 2018 has been a long time coming. Hooray! Finally had some warmer temperatures. This unpredictable weather, can be hard to dress for. While it may not be time for flip flops and sundresses quite yet, there is plenty to do now to transition from your Winter wardrobe to Spring ready. Winter Coats & Heavy […]

The Sandwich Generation

In our profession, we see many people of the “Sandwich Generation” wishing to lighten their load. Just what is the “Sandwich Generation”? The term Sandwich Generation was coined in 1981 by social worker Dorothy Miller, to describe caregivers that found themselves “sandwiched” by the responsibilities of caring for aging parents while supporting their own young children. It […]

Holiday House Guests

The Holiday Season is upon us.  Christmas carols, festive décor, visiting family, holiday parties and …house guests.  It’s the perfect time to review guest and host etiquette, should your plans include overnight visits. Guest Etiquette Arrive on time.  Arrange to have clear arrival and departure times and dates and stick to it. Come bearing gifts […]

Saving Time in the Kitchen!

Autumn can be an overwhelming time and it can leave you feeling drained.  It’s never easy to juggle a jam packed extra-curricular schedule, homework help, making lunches and the stress putting a healthy dinner on the table at a reasonable hour.  It’s a challenge, no doubt, but we can try.  Here’s some simple tactics to […]

Back to School ~ Ask Wendy!

Summer is zipping by! Time to get your household ready for September and back to school. Why not involve your children a little more in the process this year?  It’s good to encourage independence and including your kids will help them to be more prepared and accountable. Here are a few ideas to help you […]