Collection, Clutter, Or Hoarding: How to Tell the Difference

Most conditions exist on a spectrum. Someone can be stressed by the rigours of work and personal life. But that’s wholly different than having an anxiety disorder, despite the two conditions sharing similar underlying mechanisms. Likewise, collecting, cluttering and hoarding are plotted points on a broad spectrum. They share some underlying impulses and characteristics, but […]

Pre-Planning for a Funeral: How and Why You Should Do It

A woman’s hand on a coffin surrounded by flowers.

Pre-planning in the funeral industry is decreasing in popularity. The decline can be attributed to various reasons, however, even if you don’t want a traditional funeral, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make any plans for after your death. While traditional pre-planning for a funeral is waning, pre-planning for the disposition of your possessions is gaining […]

The Art Of Disposal: How to Dispose of Your Things

Many times during our lives, we want or need to get rid of some of our belongings. One of the biggest obstacles to doing this is not knowing what to do with those items. It can be overwhelming if you’re getting rid of a lot of stuff or have things that you don’t know how […]

What to do with Your Collectibles and Collections

Several Types of China

For many, downsizing can be a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, which extends to downsizing collectibles and collections. Often, when people decide to downsize, there isn’t as much space in their new home, and people have to decide what to do with the things they’ve collected. Dismantling a collection after spending years tracking down pieces […]

Realtors and NEATSPACES make an Effective Team

NEATSPACES organizes homes

NEATSPACES prides itself on helping clients declutter, organize their homes and move with ease. But did you know we also work with real estate professionals to oversee the decluttering, cleaning and marketing of homes, as well as helping executors and sellers/buyers navigate the process? If you’re a realtor who has established yourself as an expert […]

Your Secret File and the Art of Death Cleaning

Your Secret File and the Art of Death Cleaning

It’s a process all humans must go through, but we don’t like to talk about it much. When you bring up death with loved ones, often the conversation goes quiet; people get emotional, reserved, deflective. But death – whether it’s a parent’s, a loved one’s or your own – is a natural part of life, […]

Declutter During the Holidays and Start the New Year Fresh!

Declutter During the Holidays and Start the New Year Fresh!

The end of the calendar year is traditionally a time for self-reflection – a ceremonial farewell to the year that was, and an enthusiastic greeting for the year to come. As we take stock of our habits, homes and personal ambitions, we strive to refine our lives – ensuring that, year after year, life steadily […]

Coping with COVID – Keep Your Home Organized with NEATSPACES

Coping with COVID – Keep Your Home Organized with NEATSPACES

Between the continuing pandemic and the onslaught of chilly weather here in Ontario, more families will be forced to spend time indoors over the coming months. And more time indoors means more opportunity for mess, as everyone in the family shares the common space and contributes to the common clutter. The COVID lockdowns are also […]

Look Forward to Change

The leaves are changing. New routines are being established.

There is something indescribable about this time of year that makes us look forward to change.