Introducing Senior Care Access: An Online Resource to Keep Seniors Informed

If you are a senior contemplating retirement community living, or the adult child of a parent who needs to transition by choice or circumstance, you might be weighing the pros and cons of the amenities each community offers. In either case, you might be navigating completely uncharted territory — face it, most people don’t research this topic until the need is present and often pressing, creating more stress and pressure to cope with during a difficult time.

Are you or your loved one looking for a place to relax and be casual or do you prefer to dress up a little for dinner? Do you want to stay in the neighbourhood you know well or would you prefer to be close to children and grandchildren living in another city? Not to mention the costs and care. These are several key questions to consider.

To help in your decision, NEATSPACES is happy to be blogging about a resource created by two people who have distinguished themselves as truly interested in the senior demographic for decades. Esther Goldstein, the co-founder of the long established Senioropolis resource guide for seniors that has been available in hard copy for 20 years and Paul Cutajar, Certified Executor Advisor and owner of the Accredited Senior Agent™ program collaborated in creating Senior Care Access.

It’s the first unbiased, national resource of retirement housing options for Canada. Their goal is to have a comprehensive online portal representing the majority of senior housing options across the country. The platform also offers companies that provide resources to seniors the opportunity to advertise and network within the platform. Neatspaces, being a leader in the senior downsizing industry, embraced the opportunity to participate.

“Having been in the retirement/senior housing database industry for over 20 years, it became evident that the time had come to deliver unbiased data for the information hungry consumer – this is the basis of” (Esther Goldstein, Partner)

Paul Cutajar added, “We understand that Canadian families struggle when they are faced with a parent(s) change in need, regardless of whether it’s by choice or by circumstance. Typically, it is by circumstance, which leaves them on their own to sort through a myriad of options. To assist them through this crucial time they need to be able to locate unbiased information and identify services that can help them. Remember, most people are going through this transition for the first time and are not trained to navigate the challenges. In summary, should you be faced with the circumstance in which a family member required a transition in lifestyle due to aging or illness, do you know your options? Senior Care Access simplifies the process!” connects older adults and their families to invaluable information and resources with three components of information: housing data, consulting, and resource directory. Whether you are in the early stages of research or pressured through circumstance or crisis, you will welcome having all information needed in one valuable online resource.

About the Seniors’ Housing Database

The portal offers membership-based information about each location including independent senior living, retirement communities and long-term care. Currently offering information on over 6000 locations, including additional features, the Seniors’ Housing Database is a one stop shop. Available amenities, recreation opportunities and dining options will be showcased for each location. Many locations provide floorplans of suites in their community enhanced by a video of the common areas and the interior of suites where you will get a feeling for lifestyle and amenities.  There is also FREE access to the retirement home ‘sponsored’ listings where users can view photos, social media feeds and the unique SCA 3D VirtualTour

Senior Care Access Senior’s Consulting

Since many families navigate the landscape of resources available to seniors for the first time when in crisis or as a topic that is absolutely new to them, SCA Seniors’ Consulting was established to help guide seniors and their families with resources and a plan that is tailored to their needs.

Following the one-hour complimentary consultation, SCA Seniors’ Consultants can be contracted to identify available resources and create a plan that addresses the needs and goals of each client and their family. They offer a multitude of services including: lifestyle planning, retirement residence placement, downsizing, move management, mediation, care planning, real estate, estate planning, financial preservation and executor assistance

Senior Care Access Seniors’ Resource Directory

The Seniors’ Resource Directory is designed for direct interaction of senior service providers, interested professionals and consumers. is building a network of seniors’ resources that specialize in offering services benefiting older adults. Access to this section of the site is free for all users, including the consumer, and is searchable by province, city and service category.

Neatspaces Professional Organizing Services has been providing excellence in downsizing services to older adults and their families for over 15 years and can be found under Toronto, Oakville, and Burlington listings in the Senior Resource Directory.

Other benefits of the site include articles written across many relevant topics for older adults and their families, as well as an online store with valuable publications for all visitors. Be sure to read the article Neatspaces has provided about Downsizing and Estate Planning Checklist.

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